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Should the Human Parts be Declared in the System Breakdown Structure (SBS)?
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Include the Human in the System - Lip Service?

Posted: 14 September 2010 04:57 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I’m guessing that most systems folks think it’s good practice to include the Mk1 Human Being in the System when designing it. After all we go to a lot of trouble in allocating functions to man/machine and working out the interactions, designing the user interface and eventually test or trial with users. All this is good.

Why then when it comes to the SBS (System Breakdown Structure) do we more often than not exclude the human from the structure? Even if provided from elsewhere whether customer of government-furnished they should still be shown.

When was the last time you saw one in a SBS? Seriously I’d be interested to see if anyone has experience where the human is formally in the SBS.

It just strikes me that if we’re really serious the first act ought to explicitly declare the human in the system structure.


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