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As a systems educator and writer, Linda Booth Sweeney is on a mission to make systems – rather than fragments -- the context for the way we think about decision making, learning and design. Linda translates the concepts of complex systems theory into accessible materials and seminars for innovation in organizations, schools and communities. Linda is the author of several books and numerous articles.


Linda works in the corporate, educational, and non-profit arenas, building capacity to better understand, make visible and design systems of multiple causes, effects and consequences. In her work with organizations, Linda focuses on developing systemic storylines and visuals to enable organizations to present a more integrated view of their work.

Linda is a founding partner in the SoL Education Partnership and is content expert for SEED — Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development.Through her work with SEED, Linda develops materials and activities appropriate for ages 10-18 on a variety of complex system science topics that facilitate student learning about living systems. Most recently, Linda co-developed an on-line computer simulation for SEED to enable youth and adults to better understand the dynamics of the carbon cycle and climate change as well as several animations designed to enhance students’ understanding of stock/flow dynamics. Linda is the author of several books and numerous articles. Her most recent book: Connected Wisdom: Living Stories about Living Systems (2009, SEED/Chelsea Green) has been translated into seven languages and is required reading in several master level programs.

Linda received her doctorate in education from Harvard University in 2004. While there, she worked with Robert Kegan (and the Change Leadership Group) and also conducted extensive research with John Sterman (Sloan School M.I.T) on adult’s understanding of dynamic systems, in particular, the dynamics of climate change.


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