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Kambiz E. Maani (PhD, Illinois) is an acknowledged international expert on systemic approaches to organisations and leadership. He is an author and inspirational speaker on Systems Thinking, Complexity Management, and Organisational Learning and Leadership. Dr Maani’s academic and consulting career spans over 25 years in the USA, South America, Asia, and Australasia. Currently, he is an Associate Professor of management and systems sciences at the University of Auckland Business School where he had held several leadership roles. He has lectured internationally and has held teaching and research positions at a number of universities including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston University and Helsinki School of Economics and the Rand Corporation. Kambiz’s executive courses on Systems Thinking, Complexity and Leadership have been offered internationally to large audiences for the past decade.

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Kambiz Maani is the holder of UQ-AgResearch Chair in Systems Thinking and Practice at the University of Queensland.

Professor Maani's academic and consulting career spans over 25 years in the USA, Asia, Australasia, and South America. He is an internationally acknowledged expert in systems thinking, organizational learning and leadership. Kambiz has lectured internationally and has held visiting positions at a number of universities including MIT, London Business School, Boston University, Cornel and Helsinki School of Economics. He is the recipient of several research and publication awards from international academic journals.

He has published widely and has consulted to numerous organisations in Australasia and around the world. He is co-author (with Professor Robert Cavana) of internationally acclaimed book: Systems thinking, Systems Dynamics - Managing Change and Complexity. The book, now in second edition, is used widely at universities and corporations around the world.


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