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Book : Management Systems: A Viable Approach (1999)

Management Systems: A Viable Approach

Categories: Business

Tags: bookmanagement

Publisher:Pitman Publishing

Author(s):Yolles, Maurice

Published: 1999 • ISBN: 0273620185 • 352 pages • Delivery Format: Hard Copy - Paperback

Available from: Amazon (DE)Amazon (US)Amazon (UK)

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From the publisher:

This book creates a foundation for systems theory and method, in particular, viable systems theory, that explicitly addresses complexity.

Various approaches to management systems thinking are also presented via case studies in the final part of the book. The book shows how management systems can be used to deal satisfactorily with complex situations, and provides guidelines that enable such situations to be explained.

The book is aimed at advanced students of information systems, public administration and business management.

Content / Structure



Introduction To The Book

Pt. 1 Management Systems: A Foundation

1 The Nature Of Management Systems

2 Introduction To The Theory Of World Views

3 The Paradigm Of Complexity

4 The Dynamic Of System Paradigms

5 Purposefulness, Methods And Purposeful Intervention

Pt. 2 Viable Systems And Inquiry

6 Systems As Actors In Networks

7 Viability And Change In Systems

8 The Dynamics Of Viable Systems

9 The Nature Of Methodological Inquiry

10 Viable Inquiry Systems

Pt. 3 Approaches To Inquiry

11 Systems Intervention Strategy. Case: Budget Deficit in Liverpool City Council

12 Organisational Development. Case: Budget Deficit in Liverpool City Council

13 Soft Systems Methodology. Case: Change in the National Health Service

14 Viable System Model Methodology. Case: Viability in a School of Transport

15 Conflict Modelling Cycle. Case 1: The Liverpool Dock Strike of 1995; Case 2: The Fall of the Soviet Empire.

16 Exploring The Practice Of Mixing Methods



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