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Book : Practical Systems Thinking (1996)

Practical Systems Thinking

Publisher:International Thomson Business Press

Author(s):Waring, Alan

Published: 1996 • ISBN: 0412717506 • 272 pages • Delivery Format: Hard Copy - Paperback

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This new textbook examines three principal methods of applied systems thinking: systems failures, hard and soft systems methods. Other systems methodologies are described briefly. The book is written in an open learning style with activities, exercises and case studies with an emphasis on practice and technique. It is supported by numerous illustrations, in keeping with the diagramming techniques of systems work.

Content / Structure

Part 1

Some perspectives on systems thinking: systems ideas
  • developing systems thinking
  • introduction to 'hard systems'
  • introduction to 'soft systems'
  • introduction to 'systems failures'

Part 2

Three systems methodologies:
  • the hard systems methodology
  • 'hard systems' case studies
  • soft systems methodology
  • SSM case studies
  • systems failures methodology
  • 'systems failures' case studies
  • switching and combining methodologies
  • developing your systems skills.


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