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Book : Putting Systems to Work (1992)

Putting Systems to Work

Categories: General SystemsSystems Thinking

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Publisher:John Wiley & Sons

Author(s):Hitchins, Derek K.

Published: 1992 • ISBN: 0471934267 • 342 pages • Delivery Format: Hard Copy - Paperback

Available from: Amazon (UK)Amazon (US)Amazon (DE)

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This text, examining the nature, views and uses of systems, aims to develop a sound systems ethic and systems methods that will improve the performance of systems, organizations and businesses while preserving the environment.

There are four distinct but interrelated parts, progressing from basic systems notions and principles, through the establishment of some building blocks, through to full systems synthesis. Classical systems engineering is discussed, as a basis for comparison with, and foundation for, a New Systems Engineering, and speculation is put forward about the way in which some aspects of system design might be undertaken in the future.

Content / Structure

Part 1 Foundation and theory: understanding systems

  • the human element in systems.

Part 2 System building blooms: the generic reference model (GRM)

  • efficiency effectiveness and net contribution
  • assessing the worth of projects and systems
  • comparative analysis of a marketing department
  • process and structure models
  • systems architecture.

Part 3 System synthesis: addressing issues

  • hierarchical issue method - case studies
  • creativity
  • conceiving systems - the seven step continuum
  • conceiving cases
  • claim systems engineering
  • a new systems engineering (NSE)
  • a case for new systems engineering (NSE).

Part 4 Future vision?: building future systems naturally.

Copyright 1993 Derek K. Hitchins


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