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Book : Systems Engineering: Coping With Complexity (1998)

Systems Engineering: Coping With Complexity

Publisher:Prentice Hall

Author(s):Jackson, KenArnold, StuartStevens, RichardBrook, Peter

Published: 1998 • ISBN: 0130950858 • 384 pages • Delivery Format: Hard Copy - Paperback

Available from: Amazon (US)Amazon (UK)Amazon (DE)


From the publisher:

In an age of shrinking development cycles, it is harder than ever to bring the right product to the market at the right time. Good product - especially complex products - are underpinned by good systems, and systems engineering itself is recognized as the key tool of product development.

This book covers the principles of systems engineering in an easy-to-read format.

The authors have decades of practical industrial experience, and the material is ideal for industrial project teams. For academic courses, the book acts as a component for graduate and undergraduate engineering studies, particularly those on systems engineering.

It covers how to handle requirements, architectural design, integration and verification, starting from the perspective of a simple linear lifecycle. The book then gradually introduces recent work on the complexity of real-world systems, with issues such as multi-level systems development, software within systems, and iterative development. There is also coverage of the impact of systems engineering at the organizational level.

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