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Book : Handbook of Systems Engineering and Management (1999)

Handbook of Systems Engineering and Management

Publisher:John Wiley & Sons

Author(s):Sage, Andrew P.Rouse, William B.

Published: 1999 • ISBN: 0471154059 • 1236 pages • Delivery Format: Hard Copy - Hardback

Available from: Amazon (US)Amazon (UK)


From the publisher:

Systems engineering is the management technology that supports the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of the total system development process to ensure evolution of a high-quality, trustworthy, and cost-effective system capable of meeting user needs.  Among the many applications of systems engineering and management are decision support systems, command and control systems, air traffic control systems, intelligent highway vehicle systems, process control systems, and enterprise systems. The factors associated with the engineering of large-scale systems include policy making, planning, decision making, resource allocation, and action deployment.The Handbook of Systems Engineering and Management is a comprehensive, single-volume reference to every aspect of systems engineering and management for fielding systems of all types, especially systems that are information-, technology-, and software-intensive.This volume guides professionals through every phase of the definition, design, implementation, and management of systems of large scale and scope, from identifying user needs and determining costs to ensuring system capabilities and maintaining smooth operations. The handbook will be of long-lasting value to those concerned with the technical direction, development, and management of complex projects of large scale and scope.

The first undertaking of its kind, the Handbook of Systems Engineering and Management presents a single, practical source covering the theory and practice of systems engineering and management.  Taking a multifaceted view of this interdisciplinary subject, the work begins with a comprehensive outline of systems engineering. The handbook then provides major sections on systems engineering methodology and processes, systems management, human factors in systems engineering,quality and standards in systems engineering, and system engineering methods.

With its main focus on the organization and management of complexity, rather than direct technological concerns that affect individual subsystems, it covers a vast number of ingredients associated with the engineering of trustworthy systems, and helps those involved in these large-scale projects with:

  • Systematic measurement approaches and capability-assessment models
  • A knowledge base of effective systems-engineering processes and systems-management strategies
  • An understanding of the complex role of advanced information technologies in enhancing systems’ productivity and quality
  • Detailed discussions of the tools and methods, life cycle processes, and systems management strategies available for the support of complex high-technology systems-engineering efforts

Supplemented with nearly 400 graphs and figures that help clarify difficult concepts and organize complex material, the Handbook of Systems Engineering and Management is an immensely helpful resource for systems engineers, human factors engineers, and systems and software development managers in industry and government.

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