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Book : Advanced Systems Thinking, Engineering, and Management (2003)

Advanced Systems Thinking, Engineering, and Management

Publisher:Artech House Publishing

Author(s):Hitchins, Derek K.

Published: 2003 • ISBN: 1580536190 • 489 pages • Delivery Format: Hard Copy - Hardback

Available from: Amazon (DE)Amazon (UK)Amazon (US)


From the publisher:

No matter what field you are working in or studying, Advanced Systems Thinking, Engineering, and Management offers you a comprehensive understanding of systems ideas and methods to help you achieve unmatched success with your challenging projects. This unique resource helps you add a systems-scientific grounding to systems engineering enterprises, showing you how to solve intractable problems, design systems to accommodate complex environments, and manage both creative and operational systems. You learn how to conceive, design and manage a systems engineering process for optimal results.

The book is filled with examples and case studies from a wide range of areas, from integrated transport systems, security systems, and defense procurement, to missile defense architectures, famine relief, and managing markets. This innovative reference introduces a generic systems lifecycle theory that helps you understand how systems form, persist and decay, and presents a 5-layer classification for systems engineering. You discover how to use a generic reference model that allows systems of all types to be addressed within a common framework. Moreover, the book reveals how architecture is used to create system emergent properties, capabilities and behaviors.


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