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Book : Systems Thinking Basics : From Concepts to Causal Loops (1997)

Systems Thinking Basics : From Concepts to Causal Loops

Categories: Systems Thinking

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Publisher:Pegasus Communications Inc.

Author(s):Anderson, Virginia

Published: 1997 • ISBN: 1883823129 • 144 pages • Delivery Format: Hard Copy - Paperback

Available from: Amazon (US)Amazon (UK)Amazon (DE)


From the publisher:

Systems Thinking Basics is a self-study, skill-building resource designed to introduce you to the power of systems thinking tools. With an emphasis on behavior over time graphs and causal loop diagrams, this workbook guides you step by step through:

  • Recognizing systems and understanding the importance of systems thinking
  • Interpreting and creating behavior over time graphs and causal loop diagrams
  • Applying and practicing systems thinking day-to-day

Each of the book’s six main sections contains a wealth of examples from the business world, as well as learning activities that reinforce concepts and provide you with the opportunity and space to practice. An array of appendices offers:

  • Extra practice activities
  • A summary of key points and suggested responses to the learning activities
  • A table showing the “palette” of systems thinking tools available
  • A glossary of systems thinking terms
  • A list of additional resources
  • A summary of the systems archetypes

The many diagrams within the book clarify concepts and visually reinforce key principles. Systems Thinking Basics is ideal for aspiring systems thinkers eager to try their hand at using these powerful tools.


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