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Book : Systems Archetype Basics: From Story To Structure (2007)

Systems Archetype Basics: From Story To Structure

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Publisher:Pegasus Communications Inc.

Author(s):Anderson, VirginiaKim, Daniel H.

Published: 2007 • ISBN: 1883823048 • 208 pages • Delivery Format: Hard Copy - Paperback

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From the publisher:

Does your organization make the same mistakes over and over again, without being able to get a grip on the cause? If so, a systems archetype might be at work behind the scenes! The archetypes depict the recurring “stories” that often indicate imbalance in a system.

Working with these tools can help individuals and teams surface their mental models, communicate the “story,” and engage in creative dialogue about the entire system.

Written by top authors in the field, this workbook brings you the latest thinking about the archetypes—and provides plenty of practice using them.

Familiarize yourself with eight classic archetypes, such as Fixes That Fail and Limits to Success, by working step-by-step through vivid examples, illustrations, and exercises. Additional activities, potential responses, a handy “archetypes at a glance” chart, and a glossary of terms complete your learning experience.

Ideal for self-study or group practice, Systems Archetype Basics will give you the confidence and skill to start putting your knowledge to work.

Content / Structure

1. About the Systems Archetypes

2. Fixes That Fail

3. Shifting the Burden

4. Limits to Success

5. Drifting Goals

6. Growth and Underinvestment

7. Success to the Successful

8. Escalation

9. Tragedy of the Commons

10. Using Archetypal Structures

11. Additional Learning Activities

Appendix A: Potential Responses to the Learning Activities

Appendix B: A Palette of Systems Thinking Tools

Appendix C: Systems Archetypes at a Glance

Appendix D: Additional Resources

Appendix E: A Glossary of Systems Thinking Terms

Copyright 2007 by Pegasus Communications Inc.


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