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Book : Systems: Concepts, Methodologies and Applications (1990)

Systems: Concepts, Methodologies and Applications

Categories: Systems Thinking

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Publisher:John Wiley & Sons

Author(s):Wilson, Brian

Published: 1990 • ISBN: 0471927163 • 410 pages • Delivery Format: Hard Copy - Hardback

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From the Publisher:

The author presents the results of his own experience in using systems ideas, assembles a coherent account of their development and application, and examines the relationship of particular systems methodologies and concepts to the nature of the problems encountered.

It emphasizes problem solving and surveys the types of modeling languages appropriate to various parts of a problem spectrum in systems design. Stresses the development of a modeling language and its applications, particularly to the (soft) less well-defined/ill-structured problems, which often require a non-mathematical language based on the concept of a human activity system.

Specific problems in actual situations are discussed, including the design of a services complex, services systems and an operational system, as are the analysis of business information and role analysis.

There is also a study of management control that includes discussion of concepts that illustrate and emphasize the distinction made between management and process control. Features exercises that will help develop skills in picture building and problem solving.

Content / Structure

  • Models and Modeling
  • A Systems Language
  • Systems Methodologies
  • Problem-Solving and Methodology
  • Management Control
  • Analysis of Business Information
  • Role Analysis
  • Appendices
  • References
  • Index

Copyright 1990 by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.


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